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Home of The Original Universal Stabilizing Camera Handle. At Cam Caddie our goal is to provide high quality photo and video accessories at affordable prices. With the advancements in Digital Imaging technology it is easier than ever to produce high quality content on an affordable budget. READ MORE

Cam Caddie Products

The Cam Caddie Scorpion /EX is a Universal Stabilizing Camera Handle and DSLR Support Rig designed for today's new breed of digital cameras. The Scorpion is a hand held stabilizing device and DSLR support rig that will work with virtually any camera. READ MORE

About Cam Caddie

Cam Caddie was founded in 2004 by Daniel McElderry. Daniel, an avid skatebaord and snowboard videographer, desired to produce high quality images on a budget. READ MORE

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Cam Caddie
P.O. Box 3163 • Glendale • CA • 91221