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Our Crew

Davonte Jolly

Davonte started filming after his friends and him chipped in for a camera and took turns filming each other skating. Davonte's keen eye for filming lead to him becoming the full [...] Read More

Doug Des Autels
Skateboarder & Videographer

Doug Des Autels is an avid skateboarder, videographer and Youtube Channel owner based in Los Angeles. He has spent the last twenty years of his life doing what he loves most [...] Read More

Sean X. Kelley
Skateboarder & Videographer

Sean Kelly is an LA based Filmmaker and Photographer with an incredible eye. His exceptional skills for capturing rich Dynamic photographs can been [...] Read More

Nigel Alexander
Skateboarder & Videographer

Nigel K. Alexander is a Social Media Guru and YouTube Star. With over 62 Million Views on his YouTube Channel it has become one of the Go To Locations for fresh new content. Nigel [...] Read More

Lawrence McCullum
Skateboarder & Videographer

Lawrence McCullum is a Cinematographer, Photographer and Editor. Lawrence's broad range has lead him to shoot Documentaries, [...] Read More

Josh Katz
Skateboarder & Videographer

Josh Katz better know on Social Media as "enminem" is a YouTuber and Skateboarder known for making fun videos with his friends. He is a Social [...] Read More

Dave Metty
Skateboarder & Videographer

Dave Metty is the Director of Camp Woodwards Digital Media Program and has over 30 years of skateboarding experience. Dave has [...] Read More

Damian Gillbert
Skateboarder & Videographer

Damian Gilbert of Epica Pictures is a Canadian based Director, Cinematographer, Photographer and Editor. His Broad range of technical expertise and creative expression has [...] Read More

Chito Tafy
Skateboarder & Videographer

Chito Tafy is an LA based Producer for Havoc TV and Red Curb Media. Chito has over a decade of technical expertise shooting with a broad [...] Read More

Brent Askwith
Skateboarder & Videographer

Brent Askwith better know on Social Media as "Baskwith" is a Skateboarder and Filmer from Melbourne Australia. He is a Social Media Guro with over 10 [...] Read More

Brandon Dubose
Skateboarder & Videographer

Brandon DuBose is an L.A based, professional camera operator whose experience extends beyond a decade within the field. His style has notably [...] Read More

Andrew Arellano
Skateboarder & Videographer

Andrew Arellano is a skateboarder and filmer from San Diego California. He is the Host of "Skate Filet" a Skateboard News Podcast and his YouTube [...] Read More

Abraham Mayorga
Skateboarder & Videographer

Abraham Mayorga has been Skateboarding for 11 years and filming for 8 years. Abraham has been behind the lens of coutless video parts [...] Read More

Marque Cox
Skateboarder & Videographer

Marque Cox, is a professional Photographer and Videographer based in the LA area. You can see Marque's work throughout Active Ride Shops Marketing Campaigns and Video edits [...] Read More

Cam Caddie With Pros


I wish I had the Cam Caddie during the making of Inland Empire

David Lynch | Director

Some of the coolest shots we got today were on the Cam Caddie Scorpion Rig. We got shots you normally can't get.

Devin Graham | Videographer

I never Take it off my Camera!

Rick C. Darge | Cinematographer