Tom Myrdahl is a season veteran High Definition DP/Cameraman with over 25 years experience in film and video production. Tom is an avid fan of the Cam Caddie and uses it on many of his productions. He has an extensive range of work ranging from Disney, Universal, MGA Entertainment and currently works with Boeing Seattle. Check out a few examples of his work on his website Here

Tom Myrdahl

High Definition DP/Cameraman
Nigel has worked for Rob Dyrdek's Street League and is currently the team manager for Markisa Co. Nigel works daily filming legends like Paul Rodriguez, Chaz Ortiz, Cory Kennedy, and maintains one of the largest skateboard channels on YouTube with over 100,000 subscribers and 48 million views.
Nigel uses the Cam Caddie Scorpion EX with nearly all his video shoots. Open Here

Nigel K. Alexander

Dave Metty The DMC Director of Camp Woodward, has over 30 years of skateboarding experience, and 15 years of action sports camp experience. Dave has worked with Real Skateboards, Fuel TV, as an Associate Producer of "The Captain And Casey Show", and was the director of "On The Road With Paul Rodriguez". Dave is also the producer of Camplibs, a Woodward Film nomiated for best short film and best emerging director at the 2012 X Dance Film Festival in Salt Lake City, UT.

Dave Metty

DMC Director