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Nigel Alexander


Nigel K. Alexander is a Social Media Guru and YouTube Star. With over 62 Million Views on his YouTube Channel it has become one of the Go To Locations for fresh new content. Nigel has worked with such companies as: Nike SB, Plan B, Street League, MTN Dew, Gatorade, GoPro and many more. He is currently the team manager for Markisa Co. and works daily filming legends like Paul Rodriguez, Chaz Ortiz, Cory Kennedy, and many more. 

In My Bag:

Canon 5D Mark III
Sony FS700 & GoPro Hero
Cam Caddie Scorpion EX w/ Cheese Plate, Lockout Kit, and Weight Kit.
Rode Shotgun Microphone

Follow Me:

I am Nigel Alexander, Check out my YouTube Page