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4" Flashner Kit


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6" Flashner Kit

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Quick Overview

The Flashner Kit™ is a versatile accessory mounting system for photographers & videographers alike. It is built on the traditional Flash Shoe platform that virtually all cameras use. This enables the user to quickly attach multiple accessories to their camera without large and bulky camera cages and support rods. You can also combine different size Flashner Kits™ together to create an endless amount of variations. The Flashner Kits™ are available in: 4 Inch, 6 Inch, 8 Inch, 12 inch & 16 Inch Lengths. Patent Pending.

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Regular Price: $35.95

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Versatile Mounting Solution

The 6" Flashner Kit is an extremely versatile accessory mount for photographers & videographers alike. The Flashner System mounts to the camera using the same standard flash shoe it is designed to hold. It is built on the traditional Flash Shoe platform that virtually all cameras use. This allows you to attach accessories to the top and bottom of the Flashtrak Hardware. In this configuration the Flashtrak has been offset so the camera controls & LCD are unobstructed. (1) LED light and (1) Shotgun microphone has been mounted.

Build Your Perfect Rig

The Flashner Kits allows you to attach all of the necessary accessories needed to shoot video with a DSLR camera. Combine different size Flashner kits together to create endless configurations. In this configuration we have used (1) 6" Flashner and (2) 4" Flashner Kits to mount: 2 LED lights, a field recorder and an external monitor.


In this configuration the 6" Flashtrak has been used to mount the external monitor to the Scorpion EX Pro Kit in the DSLR Cage Configuration. This setup keeps the camera rig compact and allows the operator to instantly switch from handheld to a tripod. Excellent for run & gun shooting because the operator can keep their hand directly on the camera and still operate the camera controls.

Included Accessories

These three pieces of hardware are the key components to the Flashner Kits. With the D-Flashner, 1/4-20 Flashner and Ball Head you can mount virtually any piece of gear you need directly the Flashner System.

Use On Virtually Any DSLR Or Camcorder

The Flashtrak Kit connects to most DSLR and camcorders using our D-Flashner and the cameras hot shoe / flash shoe.

Built Tough To Last

The Flashtrak is constructed from 6061 Aluminum Alloy. The D-Flashner is constructed from CNC'd 6061 Aluminum & Steel for superior strength.

Attach Multiple Accessories

In this configuration we have a DSLR camera with our 6" Flashner Kit set up on top of a tripod. The Flexible platform of the Flashner kits ensures you are able to attach all necessary accessories. The unique design helps expand your cameras footprint while keeping it lightweight and portable.

Customize Your Set Up

Mix and match different size Flashner Kits to customize your rig the way you want it. Mount everything you need on your rig to get more out of your DSLR.

Turn Your Ordinary Camcorder Into The Ultimate Rig

In this Set up we have a standard camcorder with a Flashner Kit holding two LED lights a field recorder and a shotgun microphone. This compact accessory mounting system is a must have for every videopgrapher.

Get More Out Of Your GoPro

Enhance your GoPro experience by adding a microphone and field recorder on your scorpion with the Flashtrak system as seen in this Rig.

Create the ultimate Run and Gun Rig

In this configuration we have an LED light attached to our Flashner Kit with our Accessory Shoe on our Scorpion EX handle, creating the ultimate lightweight run and gun rig.

Countless Configurations

Go Hands free and use all your favorite accessories with this rig set up. This rig is using an LED light attached to our Flashner Kit which is then hooked up to our scorpion EX that uses our Cheese Plate to attach to our Shoulder Support. Instantly go from a handheld, shoulder support to a tripod with ease.

Use the camera already in your pocket

Use the power of your Smartphone with our Scorpion EX and Flashner Kit with accessories to create an easy run and gun rig.

Get The Most Out Of Your Smartphone

In this set up we are using our Scorpion Pro Kit bundle along with a 6" Flashtrak Kit, a field recorder and a RODE Mic with TRS to TRRS Patch Cable to create the perfect filmmaking rig on the go.
(1) 6" Flashtrak
(1) D-Flashner
Constructed From: 6061 Aluminum Alloy, & Steel