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Stabilizing Weight Kit

Stabilizing Weight

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Quick Overview

The Single Counter-Balance Weight for Scorpion from Cam Caddie is a 1 lb counter-balance weight for use with the Scorpion, Scorpion EX, Scorpion Starter Kit, Scorpion Pro Kit, and the shoulder support bundle. It can also be used as a primary weight for smaller cameras, such as the GoPro and smartphones. A mounting knob is included.

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Heavy Weight Construction

Constructed from 1.25 Pounds of Solid Steel then 1/4-20 Threaded and Power Coated Flat Black for a durable finish. Made in USA

1/4-20 Threaded Mount

The Scorpion Stabilizing weight can be mounted with the 1/4-20 mounting Knob. Constructed from Solid Steel Hardware and ABS Composite the Mounting Knob can hold its own weight in any conditions

Weight it Down

By adding a counter weight to your Scorpion Camera rig you get better stabilization. In this photo we attached the weight to the bottom of the Scorpion EX using our Mounting Knob.

Versatile Mounting Options

The weight can also be used in conjunction with our Accessory Shoe and 1/4-20 Flashner. In this setup the weight is attached to the rear of the Scorpion to act as a counter balance. By displacing the weight of the camera further back it creates a very balanced and stable platform that is incredibly easy to maneuver. This setup is perfect for tracking a moving subject or replicating steadicam like camera moves.

Stabilize Your Shot

The Scorpion Weight is one of the simplest but most important accessories to have in your camera bag. As you switch from heavier to lighter lenses and accessories, you will find it very helpful to counter balance heavier components. The Scorpion weight is an essential piece of equipment for your camera bag.

The Heavy Flyer

When setting the Scorpion up in Flyer Mode Top View it is very helpful to add some additional weight to the Scorpion Base Plate. The additional weight helps a great deal when tracking moving shots and trying to replicate steadicam like movements.

Throw Your Weight Around

Sometimes you just need to throw your weight around, and with the flexibility of the Scorpion platform it's real easy to do. Mount multiple Weights to the Scorpion using the multiple different mounting options. In this setup we have (1) weight mounted to the Base plate and (1) additional weight mounted to the bottom of the handle.

Upgrade your GoPro

Easily enhance the way you shoot with your light weight action cameras. Smaller cameras like the GoPro are sharp but not always stable. Use our weight Kit to increase stability and reduce vibrations giving you a smoother shot.

Transform Your Smartphone

The Weight Kit is incredibly helpful when shooting with ultra lightweight smartphones. These tiny little devices now have incredible image quality that is finding its way into more and more productions. Add some weight to your Smartphone to help stabilize your footage for your next shoot.
Includes: (1) 1.25 Pound Stabilizing Weight (1) Mounting Knob