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Scorpion Cheese Plate Tripod Mount


Cam Caddie 3PC Accessory Kit

Scorpion Lockout Kit

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Quick Overview

The Scorpion Lockout Kit creates a solid platform for heavier cameras and configurations. The Lock Out Kit eliminates the dampening effect that is designed into the Scorpion/Ex. This is achieved by connecting the cameras built in Flash Shoe with the bottom side of the Scorpion handle. This eliminates the dampening action allowing you to attach multiple heavy accessories for an endless variety of configurations. Primarily designed to work with DSLRs the Lockout Kit will also work with many video cameras.

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The Accessory Shoe is used in the Scorpion Lockout Kit. Mounted upside down and combined with the D-Flashner it forms 1 part of the Lockout Kit. When using heavier camera configurations we recommend using the Scorpion Lockout Kit to eliminate the natural dampening effect of the Scorpion.
In this configuration we have used the Scorpion Lockout Kit and (1) Acc Shoe/Wing Combo to mount the microphone and Marshall Monitor. When using heavier camera configurations like this we recommend using the Scorpion Lockout Kit to eliminate the natural dampening effect

Support Heavy Configurations

The Scorpion Lockout Kit is the perfect solution to support heavier configurations. In this configuration we have combined the Accessory Shoe and Wing and mounted 3 LED lights and an external video microphone.

Lock in your DSLR

The Patented design displaces the weight of your gear by separating your hand from directly holding the camera body. When holding the Scorpion and not the camera, motion and movement is naturally dampened. The Scorpion can facilitate moves that look like a professional camera stabilizer or Jib arm.
Easily secure multiple accessories to your Cam Caddie Scoprion without having a dampening effect using the Lockout Kit
(1) Accessory Shoe
(1) D-Flashner
(1) 3" Balance Wing Soft
(1) Hex key

Constructed From: Composite Thermoplastic & 6061 Aluminum Alloy & Steel