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1/4-20 Flashner / Adapter

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Quick Overview

The 1/4-20 Flashner converts a standard 1/4-20 tripod mount to a Flash Shoe. Attach any accessory that has a tripod mount directly to the Scorpion Accessory Shoe, Accessory Wing, or camera. The 1/4-20 Flashner also works in combination with the Flashner kits ensuring you can mount everything you need for your next shoot.

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Regular Price: $24.95

Special Price $19.99


Convert 1/4-20 Tripod Mount to a Flash Shoe

Constructed from 6061 Aluminum and Steel the 1/4-20 Flashners Heavy Duty Construction is ready to support all of your gear. Available in the Industry Standard Flat Black or make it easy to find in your Camera bag with Cam Caddie Green.

Mount Accessories Directly to Your Camera

The Scorpion Accessory Shoe and Accessory Wing can be combined together to attach multiple accessories to the Cam Caddie Scorpion & Scorpion/EX. Mount LED Video Lights, Microphones, and Monitors while maintaining a compact and balanced Camera Rig. The Accessory Wing is adjustable to maximize weight distribution and balance points.

Combine the 1/4-20 Flashner & Accessory Wing

The 1/4-20 Flashner can be combined with the Accessory Wing or Vice Versa. It allows for an endless variety of combinations to solve virtually any hardware dilemma. Whether you are mounting gear directly to your camera, tripod, or to the Cam Caddie Scorpion you will always have plenty of mounting options available.

Mount Accessories to your Scorpion

The 1/4-20 Flashner can be used to attach your accessories directly to Cam Caddie Scorpion Accessory Shoe, Accessory Wing and the Flashner Kits.

Works with the Flashner Kits

The 1/4-20 Flashner is designed around the same Flash Shoe Footprint that virtually all cameras use. This allows you to mount accessories using our Flashner Kit System or for Standalone applications.

Create Quick Solutions on Set

The Flexible design of the 1/4-20 Flashner and all of our accessories, allows for endless flexibility when creating solutions to problems on set. Here we have the Broom Mic, Yes Broom because we used an old broom stick as our Boom Mic. We mounted a Field Recorder with a Shotgun Microphone using a 1/4-20 Flashner and two Accessory Shoes.

Mount Multiple Accessories to your DSLR

In this setup we mounted an External Field Recorder using a 1/4-20 Flashner and Accessory Shoe. We then Mounted the Accessory Wing to the Scorpion Base Plate with a 1/4-20 Mounting Knob. This setup allows us to mount an External Monitor for easier viewing when shooting handheld.

Quick Release Accessories Mount

In this setup we used the Accessory Wing Combo to mount an LED video Light and External Microphone. The Accessory Wing Combo is an excellent way to attach multiple accessories to your camcorder.

Convert 1/4-20 Threads to a Flash Shoe Footprint

In this setup we mounted the 1/4-20 Flashner & Accessory Wing to the Flash shoe of a DSLR Camera. We then used 2 additional 1/4-20 Flashners to Mount the LED Video Light and Audio Field Recorder.

Keep a Couple in your Bag

The 1/4-20 Flashner is one of those essential pieces of gear that never leaves the camera bag. whether your shooting on a GoPro or DSLR it is essential to have at least a couple on hand at all times. In this setup we used one 1/4-20 Flashner to Mount the GoPro Camera and another to mount the External Field recorder.

Creative Configurations

Create unique mounting combinations to get different perspectives on POV Shots. Here we have one GoPro Facing forward to Capture the Action with another facing backwards to capture the videographer.

Works with All POV & Action Cam Systems

In this setup we have the Contour POV Action cam setup on a Scorpion EX with an iPhone as a Monitor. There is also an External Field Recorder and Shotgun microphone for enhanced audio capture.

Mount Multiple Accessories

In this Setup we used a 1/4-20 Flashner to mount the Field Recorder and LED Video Light to the Accessory Wing Combo. Keep a couple 1/4-20 Flashners handy for all of your rigging needs.

Balance Your Gear

In this Setup we used the 1/4-20 Flashner and Accessory Shoe to Mount the External Field Recorder to the Rear or the Scorpion. This helps balance the weight of the gear helping you get smoother better looking footage.

Use your iPhone as a Monitor

In this setup we used One Accessory Shoe to attach the External Rode Microphone and one Accessory Shoe to attach the Scorpion Stabilizing Weight Kit. The same Accessory Shoe is used in all our kits streamlining the necessary components to build out your Custom Cam Caddie.
(1) 1/4-20 Flashner

Constructed From: CNC'd Aluminum & Steel it is built to handle any conditions.